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Company Research Reports

Company Research Reports provided by Hem Securities are an independent and unbiased opinion about a company. Reports include operational and financial efficiency of a company that helps investor to understand better market position of the company. It also gives information about future outlook of a company.

  • August 23, 2019

    AstraZeneca Pharma Ltd.

    CMP : 1749
    Target Price: 2100

  • January 14, 2019


    CMP : 3620
    Target Price: 6600

    The company is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Graphite electrodes. It has good expans...

  • January 02, 2019

    Mangalam Organics Ltd.

    CMP : 460
    Target Price: 770

    Mangalam organics is in a very sweet spot where company will not only see earnings growth but w...

  • December 26, 2018

    IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd

    CMP : 164
    Target Price: 220

    The company is one of the leading generic pharmaceutical company and is a significant name in t...

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