"Let your money earn some money for you!"

When you save money at home, it just keeps sitting in the locker of your almirah. Your money is unemployed. But when you invest the same amount of money in the market, you earn extra money by getting returns in the form of dividend and capital appreciation by way of increase in the price of shares. All this, in addition to the money you already had. Sound interesting?


Investing is not as hard as it may sound like. Simply put, you want to invest to create wealth. Here’s why you should start creating wealth.

Investing your money in the stock market will allow you to have more and quicker money to buy that car or pay for your kid’s college fees, or simply to go on that dream world trip. Investing as less as Rs. 100 a month, over a period of years can give you as much as Rs. 50,000. And that too in a much shorter span of time than the normal saving route. Planning your finances in advance will help you fulfill not only all your needs, but also all your dreams.

Inflation, or rising general prices, is a ubiquitous presence and will continue to be in the future. It actually reduces the purchasing power of the people and you lose more money quickly than ever before. So even when you think your money is safe in the locker, it is actually losing it’s value faster and instead of making money, you’re losing it.

Investment in shares attracts tax exemption like a magnet. If you keep your shares for more than 1 year, you pay 0 tax on positive gains. Moreover the interest you earn on FD is taxable, but dividend is tax free.

Numero Uno reason why you are here is that you are looking for options to increase your money, since you cannot possibly work 4 jobs to earn as much as your money can earn by investing your money itself. Investing is a relatively hassle-free process and gives you increasing returns, the longer you invest. You are rewarded with increased liquidity for your patience. You can sell your shares in the market instantly and get your money back. It is easy to liquidate your investments, without doing anything more than one click! Have you tried liquidating your real estate investment at this speed?

Where to invest?

When you buy a share of a company, you become a shareholder of the company. These shares are also known as Equities. These are high risk, high return investments.
  • The value of equities may increase by manifold over time, hence reaping great profits.
  • Equities are highly diversified for even a small initial investment, something not applicable to other investment options.
  • Research shows that equities have yielded far superior returns than any other asset class i.e. FD,  real estate , Gold.
  • Long term capital gains are tax free & short term gains also are taxed at 15% only.
  • Share holders also receive dividend from companies which are also exempted from tax .
  • Highly liquid form of investment .

To trade in equity you need to open both De-mat Account and Trading Account with us .

Derivatives are financial contracts which derive their value from an underlying asset ( like Shares / Commodities / Currencies ). In India, Futures and Options are standardized contracts which can be used to meet a variety of needs. These can be freely traded on exchanges.

Why derivatives?

  • Advantage of margin money. This implies that if a trader wants to buy a Derivative worth Rs. 5 Lakh then he will only have to pay a certain percentage of the value of the underlying asset. For eg. if one has to buy a Derivative of a share worth Rs. 5 lakh, then he will have to pay margin money of Rs. 1,50,000 to create this position.
  • Can be used for Hedging the portfolio.
  • Works good as a short term investment
  • Wide variety and flexibility
  • Derivatives can be used to transfer risk from riskaverse investors to risk-taking investors.


For trading in Derivatives you just need to open a Trading Account with us.


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How to Invest

  • It is like a bank that stores financial instruments such as shares and securities in electronic form.
  • As a participant of CDSL, we offer demat account facility at competitive rates.
  • It is mandatory for making equity trades and investments but optional in case of derivatives.

Understanding the trade basics (Coming Soon)

  • A trading account is used to place buy and sell orders in the stock market.
  • It serves as an intermediary between your bank account, demat account and the stock market.
  • It is mandatory to have a trading account for trading in all segments of market.

Understanding the trade basics (Coming Soon)



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